Rajkiya Highschool Nonar,Chitrakootstands for excellence, achievement and challenge. Undoubtedly the most important ingredient of a sound education is to develop an appetite for learning in the students. We at Bal Bharti School is striving hard to make our school “a place wherein knowledge dwells” where children with different levels of intelligence, interest and inherent capabilities are provided the opportunities to express their views individually and develop their own distinct personalities. We want the students of Rajkiya Highschool Nonar,Chitrakootl to inculcate the right values, become good human beings, valuable citizens for the nation and successful professionals in their future to come.”Education is the right to every child” – With this thought in mind we have constantly been striving to provide quality education for all and sundry, in spite of all the hurdles and impediments that came in the way. The school is committed to promotion of education and human values. It strives to make the students positive in thoughts and innovative in ideas. The motto of the school is to make the students self-motivated, disciplined, and confident and morally upright, having a spirit of sacrifice and service to the nation. We at Rajkiya Highschool Nonar,Chitrakoot shall foster a culture of caring, trust and continuous learning while meeting expectations of students, parents and society. Our mission at Bal Bharti School is to inculcate and inspire youth to outshine in every field by providing them an enthusiastic environment and transforming them into versatile students and duteous human beings.